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A discussion about Messi Barcelona and the current situation Catalonia

“Neymar is the first thing” The confidence of the Barcelona fans after Neymar hopes in Barcelona has increased. Because it is true that Neymar is one of the best players in the world. His skill, dribbling, running, passing, and everything is like watching. Football fans among football players, much more likes. Neymar and the billions of millions of Messi Barcelona fan’s heartbeat. Also, Messi was mixed with Suarez, which is really unbelievable, that Barça fans never thought that Neymar would go away like this. But every player has the right to decide on his own career. This is not unbelievable in professional life. But the belief that Barca fan believed to believe Neymar So that one was finished.

After joining Neymar what’s happened on Messi Barcelona

Neymar came to Barcelona in 2013. Here he played four seasons. 2013/14 Season 2014/15 Season and 2015/16 Season, 2016/17 Season, Neymar took the lead at the beginning of the 2017/18 season. In these four seasons, Barcelona won the Tolal Trophy nine. The most successful of this season in 2014/15 is the success of Neymar. Barca Treble won that season. Did you know that Messi had 58 goals + 27 Assist, Total 85 goals just came from Messi’s legs. The year won Ballon d’Or. Treble was won by Barca in that season. And that year was the biggest success of Barça after Neymar came in that season.

Disscasion of Messi Barcelona

And so many Brazilian Neymar fan think Neymar has done all that Neymar has done all the appointments to Messi. However, during the 2014/15 season, Neymar has been able to complete the entire season of Barça in the entire season, only 7 in which Messi has scored 58 goals. There, only seven of the Neymar assisted Barbara in the whole season. Now think that he did some seasoning in Messi?

What has Messi done on that’s season?

Messi, who won the trophy for Barcelona, played the role of the main player in the field, Neymar is not only a great player but also a player with a goal assist. 2014/15 Neymar played very well in the season. If only seven of them have been assessed. But his play was great in the field. But when it looks bad, some of Neymar’s fan know Neymar as Messi, who has made Messi fill the bury as he does not know anything. However, Neymar’s whole scene did not need to tell the whole team of 7 Asisti how much he had been to Messi during that season. I’m just saying that season for that. Because of Neymar’s fan, Messi won the ballon for that season or Neymar. But they do not know that Messi is directly involved with the 85 goals of Total in that season.

And that Césine Neymar assisted the whole team with 7 assistants. Messi has scored 194 goals in four seasons since Barcelona’s hopes, in which Neymar has only 20 appearances, and Neymar has scored 105 goals in Neymar after Barcelona’s hopes, where Messi’s only assistant was 22. It is written aesthetic. Besides, Messi has given many penalties and the free kick to Neymar. They are Messi’s Assistant. Because of the free kick and penalties, Messi would have taken. If Macy would take it, then Neymar did not have to do anything. Considering everything, Messi’s contribution to Neymar’s 105 goals was 30 to 35. Then Neymar’s Abul Fanera why Neymar has filled the Messi Messi?

“Badminton Neymar talks about some issues of eighty Barcelona”

After Neymar’s departure, this new season of Barcelona has been threatened. Neymar is a great player. When Messi was in Barcelona when he was playing in middle and the ball was in control. Messi then went from the mid to and participated in the attack. Neymar has a good player in the position of Barcelona. I just saw Messi in the last two or three matches. At the middle of the past, sometimes at the center of the corner, it is like a crazy race. It does not really matter if it is not mid-way. Mac’s mind is so bad that in the field, Xavi, Iniesta, and Neymar is the only one who he is trying to fill.

But this is not going to happen. Messi will be playing the pressure-free Barca just because Messi Barcelona will get some good. We need a good winger, a good midfielder. Suarez has become a Miss Master now. Now do not worry about the backing of the light. Nelson is a great player but it will take some time to adapt to Barca.

What’s are doing the Barcelona management?

Do not understand what Barca management can do. If we want to do something good in Denmark, then Barca wants to do something good. Messi will not be able to do all alone. In a club game, a team is formed with good players from different countries. Therefore, no club is small in the club’s play.

Messi Barcelona has done well with all of the team, without a goal assist with Real Betis. The three came back to the top of the bar. Messi is one of the best matches seen in my life. It is astonishing to think that a player has done so well without any of the goals of the Aussie. How to win the Man of the Match without a goal Aussie Messi takes nervous 90 minutes to field Against Real Betis, Alex Vidal Edge missed a goal that Messi had passed three or four drubbing passes through Vidal, but Vidal missed it. I do not know whether Messi had a head in the match. I do not know whether it is well noticed. It cannot be imagined that a shorter man could jump up so much.

After all, Messi Barcelona will not be able to compete in this way. Of course, we need a winger good. If possible, a midfielder and How many dramas are related to the deal with the Coutinho deal But hopefuls will finally come to the DM I cannot understand the whole story of the queen. In such a long time at Barcelona, Messi must be given a lead in the field.

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