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Football Federation Turkmenistan (TFF) news, fixtures

The football Federation Turkmenistan was beginning journey on 1992. This football federation is the governing body part of Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan Football Federation was affiliated by FIFA in 1994. FIFA was register’s all the matches of all the members of countries. This Football Federation was controlling Turkmenistan National Football team. Which are the main parts of Turkmenistan football? Also it was controlling women national football team and the Turkmenistan national League.

History of TFF (Football Federation Turkmenistan)

The Turkmenistan Football Federation was founded in1992. And it was gain FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) membership in 1994. The Football Federation Turkmenistan was also a member of AFC (Asian Football Confederation) since 1994. Turkmenistan national football team plays their first match in 1992.

Football Federation Turkmenistan

Football Federation of Turkmenistan Mission

  • First of all further enhance Turkmenistan Football development.
  • Turkmenistan wants to achieve highest possible standards position of football at all level.
  • To improve the Turkmenistan football experience for the fans.
  • To build Turkmenistan football into a viable business for all involved seems like owners, players, media, and officials.
  • Promoting Turkmenistan local Football activities and motivating all peoples to involve with football playing and watching etc.
  • Much as increasing the level of Turkmenistan national football team to achieve higher position in FIFA Ranking.
  • To re-build the TFF brand.
  • Offering more Coach for teaching football education seminars in Turkmenistan at different levels for football development.
  • Therefore promoting training and pay attention on the youth training for football development.
  • Promoting women’s national football team in Turkmenistan.
  • In addition work with governing part of the national football team development.
  • As a result Football Federation of Turkmenistan reaches their goal any time.

Turkmenistan National Football Team news, s

The Turkmenistan National football team was beginning 1992. National football team was controlling Football federation of Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan National football team was playing their first match on 1st June 1992 against Kazakhstan. The teams keep watching for playing FIFA World Cup stage. Turkmenistan National team didn’t qualify on this stage. But Turkmenistan plays an Asian cup on 2004. Where they played round 1 and didn’t gain second round qualification. Turkmenistan has played two times in Asian Games quarter final stage. On AFC Challenge Cup the team has two time Runners up in 2010 and 2012. One time Turkmenistan President’s Cup Champions and one time HCM City Cup Champions in 1997 & 2008.

Turkmenistan National Football Team Coach, Top scorer & current squad


Top Scorer: Wladimir Baýramow (14)

Goalkeeper: Mammet Orazmuhammedow, Nikita Gorbunow.

Defender: Şöhrat Söýünow, Mekan Saparow, Akmyrat Jumanazarow, Zafar Babajanow.

Midfielder: Gurbangeldi Batyrow, Arslanmyrat Amanow, Bahtiýar Hojaahmedow, Serdar Annaorazow, Ruslan Mingazow, Ilýa Tamurkin, Serdar Geldiýew, Guwanç Abylow, Umidjan Astanow, Elman Tagayev.

Forward: Serdaraly Ataýew, Süleýman Muhadow, Wahyt Orazsähedow, Altymyrat Annadurdyýew.

Turkmenistan national Football League

The Yokary Liga is Turkmenistan football League. Which was founded on 1992 in Turkmenistan. The Turkmenistan Football Federation was controlling the Liga. On this have 10th Football Club of Turkmenistan. The Kopetdag Asgabat football club is the highest League title winner (six times) of Turkmenistan. In addition we have the list of football league club.

  • FC Ahal
  • HTTU Aşgabat
  • FC Altyn Asyr
  • Köpetdag Aşgabat
  • FC Aşgabat
  • Merw Mary
  • FC Balkan
  • Şagadam Türkmenbaşy
  • FC Energetik Türkmenbaşy
  • Turan FK

Football Federation Turkmenistan Staff List

President: TOYLYYEV Sapardurdy

Vice President: Unknown

General Secretary: KEMJAYEV Rovshen

Treasurer: Unknown

Technical Director: Unknown


Media/Communications Manager: Unknown

Referee Coordinator: Unknown

Jerseys: Green/ White

Shorts: Green/ White

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