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Jordan National Football Team (JFA)

Football Association of Jordan was founded on 1949. It’s was 68 years old football association of Asian football. Football Association Jordan was beginning the journey on 15th April 1949. This is the governing body part of Jordan football. The Jordan football association is controlling futsal football of Jordan. The Jordan national football team was also controlling by JFA. The football association of Jordan was a member of FIFA since 1956. And also Jordan was a member of AFC since 1970.

History of JFA (Football Association Jordan)

The Jordan republic has known football since 1949. After that’s the football association of Jordan was joined with FIFA on 1956 and AFC on 1970. Amman International Stadium is the first stadium of Jordan which was made in 1964. Jordan football was introduced with Jordan FA Cup on 1980. These cups are the national cup competition of Jordan football.

Jordan National football team photo

Football Association Jordan Mission

  • First of all further enhance Jordan Football development.
  • Jordan wants to achieve highest possible standards position of football at all level.
  • To improve the Jordan football experience for the fans.
  • Promoting Jordan local Football activities and motivating all peoples to involve with football seems like playing, watching etc.
  • To build Jordan football into a viable business for all involved seems like owners, players, media, and officials.
  • Much as increasing the level of Jordan national football team to achieve the higher position in FIFA Ranking.
  • To re-build the JFA brand.
  • Therefore promoting training and pay attention to the youth training for football development.
  • Offering more Coach for teaching football education seminars in Jordan at different levels for football development.
  • Promoting women’s national football team in Lesotho.
  • In addition work with governing part of the national football team development.
  • As a result, Football Association Jordan reaches their goal any time.

 Jordan National Football Team

The Jordan national football team was controlling by Football Association of Jordan. The national football team was beginning football journey since 1953. The men national football team was known as “The Chivalrous” from that time. The Asian football team is a member of AFC and FIFA.

The National football team of Jordan was first played the match on 1953. This team has played so many times before. They lose some matches or win some matches those are high defeating. Here is the shortlist of national team honors.

Jordan national football team honors

Pan Arab Games record:

Champions: 1997, 1999

Jordan National Football Team Coach, Top scorer & current squad

Manager: Jamal Abu-Abed

Top Scorer: Hassan Abdel-Fattah (30)

Goalkeeper: Amer Shafi (Captain), Moataz Yaseen, Yazid Abu Layla.

Defender: Mohammad Al-Basha, Mohammad Zureiqat, Oday Zahran, Anas Bani Yaseen, Feras Shelbaieh, Tareq Khattab, Ibrahim Al-Zawahreh, Mohannad Khairullah, Yasser Al-Rawashdeh, Mohammad Al-Dmeiri, Zaid Jaber.

Midfielder: Baha’ Abdel-Rahman, Mahmoud Al-Mardi, Munther Abu Amarah, Odai Al-Saify, Saleh Rateb, Ahmed Samir, Mussab Al-Laham, Yaseen Al-Bakhit, Musa Al-Taamari, Rajaei Ayed, Obaida Al-Samarneh, Ihsan Haddad, Khalil Bani Attiah, Amer Abu Hudaib, Saeed Murjan, Yazan Thalji, Ahmed Elias, Ahmad Abdel-Halim, Anas Al-Jbarat, Fadi Awad.

Forward: Abdallah Deeb, Tha’er Bawab, Yousef Al-Rawashdeh, Mahmoud Za’tara, Saleh Al-Jawhari, Ahmed Al-Maharmeh, Hamza Al-Dardour, Baha’ Faisal.

Football Association Jordan Staff List

President: Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein

Vice President: Mustapha Tabba

General Secretary: Sizar Soubar

Treasurer: Unknown

Technical Director: Unknown

National Team Coach MEN: Jamal Abu-Abed

Media/Communications Manager: Amjad Al Majali

Referee Coordinator: Salem Mahmoud

Jerseys: Red/ White

Shorts: Red/ White

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