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Neymar latest transfer news from FC Barcelona transfer news

Before few days Spanish and Brazilian news paper said Neymar will go to PSG in this season for 222 million euro’s. It was big transfer mark and highest paid transfer in football history. After few days this news was false news everybody know it. The Brazilian poster man said “I’m happy in FC Barcelona”.  And the Barca President also said by 200% Neymar will stay in Camp Nu. Now it’s hot news of Neymar Latest Transfer news in USA and the world football. Why Neymar leave Barca? There have some reasons: Neymar has achieved nearly everything he wanted to at Barcelona. Except one thing to be the main man in FCB but it’s just not possible. Beacuse Messi will always be the undisputed main man in the short term. That’s one of the reasons he now has half a foot away from FC Barcelona.

neymar latest transfer news

It’s a reason of Neymar leave Barcelona

The Brazilian have another more reason for leave Barcelona to PSG. Recently it was publishing by FC Barcelona news feed. The Brazilian Neymar has lost nearly all his fellow Brazilians in the dressing room. And he misses their open and cheerful character off the pitch. Dani Alves has left, Douglas is on his way out, Adriano has gone, only Rafinha stayed. Neymar Jr. gets on with Messi and Suarez, but they have different lives off the pitch due to their age and family lives among other things. To make things worse, it seems that despite his father’s efforts, no new Brazilians will be arriving this summer on Barcelona.

The family of neymar want to him world no 1 as a player on Neymar latest transfer news

The Brazilian footballer neymar’s family is also putting pressure on him to be number 1 in the world.  Only he had the team’s success in the last few years, personal glory is not getting any closer. His position on the pitch doesn’t help either. In Barca he has been playing out wide when his more natural position is in the centre, where he is more involved. Not closed that’s there are also financial issues, tax issues. The allegations that have dogged his transfer have spoiled his image. And the player is fed up with the hearings at court. His salary is also thought to be an issue. Despite signing a new contract in 2017. It is thought that this contract is dwarfed by the one Messi was signing a few months later, with the Argentinian believe to be receiving triple the Brazilian’s wage.

Neymar Transfer News

The news portal of Spanish never ends here they also told: “The last frustration is the new manager. The problem with Ernesto Valverde is not personal but the Brazilian is not convince.” So, there is not one single reason pushing him to the exit. The player is settled in his personal life in Barcelona but he can’t help thinking the grass is even greener elsewhere. Now the Brazilian poster boy neymar latest transfer news is hot moment in football world.

PSG do same thing FC Barcelona done in four years ago by neymar latest transfer news

There is big news comes on today for neymar transfer news in football history. The Magazine put off four years ago news. How Neymar Jr. comes in FC Barcelona from Santos. The PSG has doing same things and walking on the same way. When the Spanish giants were determin to bring the talented front man to Europe they controversially paid 40 million euros to Neymar’s father. A man described as ‘a bum that will lead him down a bad path’ by investment company DIS. Initially part of this was describe as a loan however led to the court case where this was deemed not correct. After it was called a salary to the father but it has been described by many. As a simple bribe to ensure that the player chose Barcelona over Madrid.

Who had completed his medical and were on the verge of signing him to play in white. Both Spanish sides had agreed to meet the Santos buy-out clause. The Francis club PSG believes they are able to manage this outlay. It then becomes a choice for the player and his father, whether to make the move or not. With Neymar senior visiting Paris in recent weeks, the suggestion is that the same situation that proved to work in Barca’s favor just a few years ago is working against them this time.

Neymar Latest transfer news in sports

If Neymar finally leaves Barca, then who will you like in his place?

If Neymar finally leaves Barca, then who will you like in his place? Obviously tell the name of a world class footballer? The Barcelona centre back Sergio Roberto recently said, “We want to have the best players in the world here and Neymar is one of them”. Some other Catalonian media already reporting that the clubs have problems. The centre back dismisses this talk by saying, “In recent years clubs are paying very large amounts but there are teams with a lot of money who can afford it.” Word has also come out that Barcelona is lining up a potential replacement in Juventus player Dybala or Liverpool’s Coutinho. What’s going on FC Barcelona if really neymar leave? It’s 95% sure that’s Neymar Jr. leave Barcelona after USA tour.

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