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Neymar PSG to leave Barcelona is almost final

Neymar PSG to leave Barcelona is almost final; Brazil and France are going to “beat the drum” for a few days. The overall situation seemed to be in judicial thinking that Barcelona would leave the Brazilian star. However, the Spanish media said that the news is going to be false. When no one was trying to do any work, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Gerardo Pike took the initiative to stop the team’s important footballers. Spanish media news, Messi and Suarez Pike have requested Neymar to leave Barcelona. The Barcelona is now in the United States to play pre-season preparation matches. There was a long drawn out of the scenes experience that meant Messi Suarez Pike, Neymar for a long time. Team hotel also has a meeting with Neymar. He wants to understand how good he is in Barcelona.

The Popular Media goal dot com says Neymar PSG to leave Barcelona

Neymar PSG to Leave Barcelona

Football’s most popular media says Messi, Suarez, Pike has refused to go to Neymar. The Spanish media is saying, Neymar is not going to make sure. Even though the Brazilian star did not open anything yet. FC Barcelona wants to say that Neymar does not want to go public.Two days ago, after Neymar’s amazing performance against Juventus, Gerardo Pike uploaded a photo of Neymar with his hand and wrote in the caption “He is there”. Since then, negotiations were turning differently. Pike is an important consideration for Barcelona. The teammates call the Spanish Defender as the ‘president’. As a result, the peak that he caption is giving importance to many.

And he is in the future of the FIFA World Cup. And the work has been done in this attempt. Now it is known that he is the original craftsman of the caption is not only Pike but Messi and Suarez too. But the matter is still in the listening to stage. It will be finally confirmed that when Neymar has something to say on his face.

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