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Neymar transfer news from Barcelona to PSG exactly why neymar gone

The world football main topic is neymar transfer news from Barcelona to PSG. This is conformed now that’s neymar leave FC Barcelona after 2017 International Champions Cup in USA. Why Neymar doing this and leave Barcelona? He is happy in Barcelona he told it so many times. Naymar Jr has others Brazilian player are playing in Barcelona. Some gone to others club last or this season only Rafinha stayed in main team of Barcelona. Some news Channel stands this reason for neymar leaving Barcelona. It’s really look like that’s or nothing. Before beginning pre season 2017/2018 PSG has gaming with Barcelona. What’s going on the last moment of transfer market? Why PSG doing this? It’s only for that’s game where Neymar Jr prove him and a historical comeback on UEFA Champions League quarterfinal in last season.

neymar transfer news family first


Everybody knows it neymar jr is one of the best talented player of football. The Brazilian poster boy made him that’s “he is the one of world football”. Four years ago Neymar Jr comes in Barcelona from Brazilian Club Santos. Everybody well knows here is the future of Barcelona after Leo Messi in Catalan. Maybe Neymar should miss something good or Barcelona misses Neymar Jr too. It’s really difficult to Barcelona now after neymar leaving. FC Barcelona never buying so many players and there have no replacement of neymar. Before joining training neymar has said “I’m happy to have starting a great season 2017/2018 in Barcelona”. He told it on Tokiyo where the player are going for show off of their new partner Rakuten.


222 million of Neymar transfer news close release

The Brazilian boy Neymar will leave Barcelona after USA tour by 222 million close release of PSG. PSG official announce that “they will pay all the money before next Wednesday”. This news if conform that’s neymar will go to Paris Club. Before we conform that’s lets go to know how this possible. Our last news of Neymar latest transfer news we have seen some reason for leaving Barcelona. PSG are walking in the same way before Barcelona walk in four years ago when Neymar Jr was playing the Brazilian club Santos. FC Barcelona buys neymar from 40 million in 2013. Now Neymar transfer news release close 222 million. From 2013 to 2017 Neymar played 186 matches and score 105 goals from Barcelona. It’s really a good achieve for the Brazilian. He has played some more matches in USA before starting the League.

neymar transfer news

“Family First” Exactly Why Neymar junior going to PSG

There have the question why Neymar Jr going to PSG? There have no answer before neymar photo where he said “Family is First”. “Yes” this is the only reason why neymar leave Barcelona. Neymar Senior will decide where Junior will play. Neymar’s father is on Paris and talking with PSG. Barcelona has doing the same thing in four year ago and now PSG. In Instagram Neymar Jr upload a photo where he marked family. Neymar’s junior want to see him world best player but it is not possible for messi. If the Argentina football master stay in Barcelona then Neymar will not be made him first player of Barclona or world best player. For this reason neymar family decide that Neymar leaving FC Barcelona. Stay with us for Neymar transfer news hot of the week.

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