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Russia National Football Team (RFS)

Football Association of Russia was founded on 1912. It’s was 105 years old football association of Euro football under Soviet Union. Russia Football Union was beginning journey on 30 June 1912. This is the governing body part of Russia football. Russia football association is controlling futsul football of Russia. The Russia national football team was also controlling by RFS. The football association of Russia was a member of FIFA since 1912. And also Russia was a member of UEFA since 1955. Russia will host FIFA World Cup 2018. And they already host FIFA Confederation Cup 2017.

Russia National Football Team

History of RFS (Russia Football Union)

Russia republic has known football since 1912. After breakup Soviet Union Russia Football Union was founded in Russia on 1922. And they won their first games against Mexico in 1992. After that’s the football Federation of Russia has playing with FIFA and Euro. Russia national Stadium Luzhniki Stadium is the first stadium of Russia. Russia football was introduced with Euro Cup on 1960. The Russia Football Union participate these both football tournaments.

Russia Football Union Mission

  • First of all further enhance Russia Football development.
  • Russia wants to achieve highest possible standards position of football at all level.
  • To improve the Russia football experience for the fans.
  • Promoting Russia local Football activities and motivating all peoples to involve with football seems like playing, watching etc.
  • To build Russia football into a viable business for all involved seems like owners, players, media, and officials.
  • Much as increasing the level of Russia national football team to achieve higher position in FIFA Ranking.
  • To re-build the RFS brand.
  • Therefore promoting training and pay attention on the youth training for football development.
  • Offering more Coach for teaching football education seminars in Russia at different levels for football development.
  • Promoting women’s national football team in Lesotho.
  • In addition work with governing part of the national football team development.
  • As a result Russia Football Union reaches their goal any time.

 Russia National Football Team

Russia national football team was controlling by Football Union of Russia. The national football team was beginning football journey since 1912. The Russian football team is a member of Euro and FIFA.

Russia National Football Team Image

National football team of Russia was first played match on 1912. This team has played so many times before. They lose some matches or win some matches those are high defeating. The national team never won Euro and FIFA title. Here is the shortlist of national team honors.

Russia national football team honors

  • 1994 World Cup – Group stage
  • 1996 European Championship – Group stage
  • 1998 World Cup – Failed to qualify
  • 2000 European Championship – Failed to qualify
  • 2002 World Cup – Group stage
  • 2004 European Championship – Group stage
  • 2006 World Cup – Failed to qualify
  • 2008 European Championship – Semi-Final
  • 2010 World Cup – Failed to qualify
  • 2012 European Championship – Group Stage
  • 2014 World Cup – Group Stage
  • 2016 European Championship – Group Stage
  • 2018 World Cup –

Russia National Football Team Coach, Top scorer & current squad

Manager: Stanislav Cherchesov

Top Scorer: Oleg Blokhin(42)

Russia Football Team Player
Aleksandr Belenov
Igor Akinfeev
Juri Lodygin
Soslan Dzhanaev
Vladimir Gabulov
Marinato Guilherme
Stanislav Kritsyuk
Andrey Lunev
Mario Fernandes
Georgi Schennikov
Roman Shishkin
Ivan Novoseltsev
Andrei Semyonov
Sergei Ignashevich
Viktor Vasin
Aleksei Berezutski
Giorgi Jikia
Ruslan Kambolov
Fyodor Kudryashov
Vladimir Granat
Ilya Kutepov
Vasili Berezutski
Yuri Zhirkov
Igor Smolnikov
Konstantin Rausch
Dmitri Kombarov
Dmitri Torbinski
Aleksandr Golovin
Oleg Ivanov
Sergei Petrov
Roman Neustadter
Pavel Mamaev
Anton Shvets
Artur Yusupov
Igor Denisov
Daler Kuzyaev
Roman Zobnin
Roman Shirokov
Aleksey Miranchuk
Oleg Shatov
Alexander Samedov
Vladislav Ignatiev
Anton Miranchuk
Alexander Erokhin
Dmitri Tarasov
Magomed Ozdoyev
Attacking Midfielder
Denis Glushakov
Pavel Mogilevets
Alan Dzagoev
Dmitri Poloz
Aleksandr Kokorin
Anton Zabolotny
Fyodor Smolov
Maksim Kanunnikov
Kirill Panchenko
Artyom Dzyuba
Alexander Bukharov

Russia Football Union Staff List


Vice President: Unknown

General Secretary: Unknown

Treasurer: Unknown

Technical Director: Unknown

National Team Coach MEN: Stanislav Cherchesov

Media/Communications Manager: Unknown

Referee Coordinator: Unknown

Jerseys: Red/ White

Shorts: Blue/ White

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