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The Yemen football Association was founded in 1940. The Football Association is the governing body part of Yemen. Football Association of Yemen was beginning journey with FIFA in 1962. They have also beginning journey with AFC (Asian Football Confederations) since 1967. Ali All Ashwal is the former president of Yemen Football Association from 1987 to 2000. Ahmed Saleh Al-Eissi is currently presidents of Football Association Yemen since 2000.

Yemen National Football Team

National football team of Yemen is controlling by YFA. Yemen National football team was founded in 1940 when Football Association made. The Yemen national football team has beginning with FIFA in 1964. After FIFA application their first match comes in August 1965. But Yemen national football team loss the match against Sudan. They have also loss their second match against Libya. Their first match comes on that’s year against Oman where they defeat 2-1. In the year 1966 Yemen entered 1966 Arab Nations Cup. Yemen is the second group of this tournament where they play against Syria, Palestine and Libya. Yemen lost every match on here and finishing this tournament on bottom.

Yemen football association

The Yemen National Football Team did not qualify for FIFA World Cup any time. Yet Yemen football team try to their best for improve the team. They have also for work to cut good position on FIFA Ranking and get entre on FIFA World Cup. How much they work there have not much more time where Yemen in FIFA World Cup competition.  There have another bad news for Yemen football that’s the team did not qualify on AFC Asian Cup. The Yemen football team has only entree Arab Nations Cup and Gulf Cup Nations. But they never take over group stage any time after 7 times attends.

Yemen Football Association Mission

  • First of all further enhance Yemen Football development.
  • Yemen wants to achieve highest possible standards position of football at all level.
  • To improve the Yemen football experience for the fans.
  • Promoting Yemen local Football activities and motivating all peoples to involve with football seems like playing, watching etc.
  • To build Yemen football into a viable business for all involved seems like owners, players, media, and officials.
  • Much as increasing the level of Yemen national football team to achieve higher position in FIFA Ranking.
  • To re-build the YFA brand.
  • Therefore promoting training and pay attention on the youth training for football development.
  • Offering more Coach for teaching football education seminars in Yemen at different levels for football development.
  • Promoting women’s national football team in Lesotho.
  • In addition work with governing part of the national football team development.
  • As a result Yemen Football Association reaches their goal any time.

Yemen National Football Team Coach, Top scorer & current squad

Manager: Ahmed Al Dhrab

Top Scorer: Ali Al-Nono (29)

Goalkeeper: Mohammed Ebrahim Ayash, Salem Saeed, Samer Mohammed Saleh.

Defender: Moataz Ahmed Kaid, Mohammed Fuad Mohammed Omar, Mudir Al-Radaei, Abdelmoaen Al-Jarshi, Ala Addin Mahdi, Hamada Al Zubairi, Mohammed Ahmed Ali Boqshan.

Midfielder: Fuad Al-Omaisi, Waleed Mohammed Al-Hubaishi, Wahid Mohammed Al Khyat, Alaa Al-Sasi, Abdulwasea Al-Matari, Akram Al-Worafi, Osamah Anbar, Alos Ahmed Abdullah, Ahmed Abdulhakim Al-Sarori.

Forward: Ayman Al Hagri, Ahmed Al-Haifi, Tawfiq Ali Mansour, Yasser Basuhai.

Yemen Football Association Staff List

President: Ahmed Saleh Al-Eissi

Vice President: Hasan Bashanfar, Abdulmoniam Sharhan

General Secretary: Dr. Hamid Al Shaibani

Treasurer: Unknown

Technical Director: Unknown

National Team Coach MEN: Ahmed Al Dhrab

Media/Communications Manager: Unknown

Referee Coordinator: Unknown

Jerseys: Red/ White.

Shorts: White.

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